Free Plan Aluminium Pantorouter Xl

Pantorouter xl plans for plunge router. janet brewer. woodworking. mlcs pins and tails through dovetail templates and clamping system. wood joinery woodworking tips woodworking joints dovetail router jig assemblages bois wood tools wood furniture carpentry wood projects.. Pantorouter xl specifications - wood router table mortising machine workbench legs router accessories wood tools diy tools router jig shop plans woodworking jigs abin woodwork. Adapting drawer glides to us as linear glides for the pantorouter this is part 2 in my series about building the.

Nice project, looking forward to following your progress. i think the pantorouter is a pretty special device. whereas we are obviously familiar with those like john and mattias showing us how to recreate production-line metal tools in far more affordable wooden versions, it might be the only shop tool that was actually invented as a diy wooden device and then went into production as a pricey. Pantorouter xl plans for sale the pantorouter xl is a larger version of my original pantorouter. it's designed to accommodate plunge routers, which the smaller pantograph of the original pantograph cannot accommodate. i have produced a detailed set of drawings for this machine.. Pantorouter plans for sale these plans are for my revised (2018) pantorouter, with improved plunge stops and a vertically sliding template holder. this pantorouter is for routers with cylindrical body up tom 89 mm diameter and for palm routers. for plunge routers, please see my pantorouter xl plans..


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