Lathe Milling Attachment Plans

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Lathe milling attachment plans

Lathe. i started off making parts for the submarines with a mini-lathe. i doubted i would save enough money to offset the $800 investment but i was wrong.. Hack a power drill into a mini metal lathe with precision speed control. i used a couple of broken power tools for the drive components in this mini lathe. it. Table of contents. my pages; design & prototyping services; specialized lathe work; lathe vendors and sources; machine shop services; materials vendors; tool.

Mini+Lathe+Projects EASY MINI LATHE DRO

Mini+lathe+projects easy mini lathe dro

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02-01-2011, 04:35 am #8

Metal+Lathe+Projects Fun Metal Lathe Projects Project pictures here

Metal+lathe+projects fun metal lathe projects project pictures here

I received my milling vice for my g0516 combo lathe and was very pleased with it. i am not the ceo of some large company, my shop is 20×20 and i am the owner, worker. Aluminum round stock. aluminum is an excellent material to practice on since it is inexpensive, cuts easily and takes a nice finish. i use it for most of my projects. Pictures of the taig lathe, mill & other tools and accessories . here are pictures of the taig micro lathe and taig milling machine, pictures of my machines and other.