Lathe Milling Attachment Plans

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Lathe milling attachment plans

Compound slide/milling attachment using the taig compound slide as a milling attachment for the taig lathe. the compound slide for the taig will do a good job as a. Aluminum round stock. aluminum is an excellent material to practice on since it is inexpensive, cuts easily and takes a nice finish. i use it for most of my projects. Milling attachment (mla-5) this milling attachment can be mounted on south bend 9 inch and 10k lathes as well as on the s-4382 cross slide..

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I am considering either buying or making a lathe milling attachment. i would like to mill some shafts for keyways and the like. the shafts are no larger than 1" in. Mini lathe accessories 1681 cast iron and steel with moulded handwheel; replaces the compound rest; travel is 3.6"; dial graduations in 0.025 mm, 60 d…. The taig lathe nick carter’s taig lathe and milling machine pages. welcome to my pages devoted to the taig lathe and taig milling machines! i have been using taig.