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I made this “pantorouter” from plans i got from matthias wandel at his web site the plans where so nice and easy to follow all for $16, he is absolutely brilliant!. The movie component of my senior project that documents my building of the pantorouter. plans are available from The pantorouter. i call this machine the "pantorouter" because it's essentially a big pantograph mechanism with a router in it. it's used to route shapes from 2x sized templates. i originally designed it for cutting tenons, but the machine is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of wood joints. i invented and published this machine in 2010..

The Pantograph Router (Panto-router) - YouTube

The pantograph router (panto-router) - youtube

Pantorouter XL plans preview

Pantorouter xl plans preview

Building the pantorouter XL pantograph

Building the pantorouter xl pantograph

The hybrid pantorouter is a woodworking jig for hobbyists and custom furniture craftsmen. the pantorouter uses a woodworking router to easily and quickly cut mortise and tenon, dovetails, box joints and other woodworking joinery.. The pantorouter is very cool and i've had plans to build one for a long time, though i am not sure if the horizontal slot mortiser wouldn't serve just as well for most woodworking needs. i assume you're building this entirely from your own plans rather than buying mattias' plans?. ‎ search for woodgears ca pantorouter plans gratis. woodgears ca pantorouter plans gratis. $2 birdhouse plans building the $2 birdhouse: 8 steps (with pictures)building the $2 birdhouse: i have built many of these $2 birdhouses as gifts. the basis of the $2 birdhouse is a 6" wide dog eared cedar picket, which comes in 5 and 6 foot lengths..

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woodworking jig plans free The pantorouter is a template based tenon cutting machine that has all kinds of uses for cutting intricate wood joints pantorouter plans: the pantorouter xl is a larger version of my pantorouter, designed to accomodate plunge routers.. Shown here are ten more free wood project plans… Read more »

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woodworking plans online Woodworking books, plans and cds allow you to study the methods of woodworking experts to reduce the learning curve on woodworking projects and save valuable time in the workshop. reading a woodworking book is the easiest and least expensive way to learn from woodworking legends and craftsmen…. Read more »