Woodworking Finger Joints

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woodworking finger joints

Joint Venture Ep. 36: Double sunrise dovetail "Kiku no gyaku kumi tsugi" (Japanese Joinery ...

Joint venture ep. 36: double sunrise dovetail "kiku no gyaku kumi tsugi" (japanese joinery

All About Dovetail Joints - FineWoodworking

All about dovetail joints – finewoodworking



Build a basic box-joint jig. for reasons of design and proportion, you typically make the individual "fingers" in box joints as wide as the thickness of the workpieces. in this article, we’ll make a jig for cutting 1⁄4 " wide fingers in 1⁄4 "-thick stock (see the drawing below for the precise dimensions of the joints).. Step 1 – mark the cut lines. accurate marking is the first step in making secure fitting hand cut finger joints. placing the two pieces of wood together in a vice that are to be joined makes for more accurate marking. use a try square to mark the cut lines across both pieces simultaneously.. Finger joints are used in woodworking to hold pieces of wood together. the fingers interlock to form strong and stable corners and joints. finger joints are commonly used to make both decorative and functional boxes in woodworking. cut a 30-inch long board out of the 2-foot-by-6-foot board..