Woodworking Planer Vs Jointer

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woodworking planer vs jointer

Why ‘jointer vs planer’ is a debate? the major function of jointers and planers is to square out pieces of lumber, making them flat, smooth and even. but if you do not know the right tools to use for the right job, efficiency will be greatly hindered. this is very possible if one does not know what’s what between a jointer and a planer.. I am sure that you will surely need a planer, even if you buy a jointer. but, if you do not have a jointer, there are various options available to do such finishing as well as decorative work to make your wood look attractive. but yes, here one thing to keep in mind regarding planer is that it is not the appropriate tool for any thin boards.. General overview: jointer vs. planer. both jointers and planers are big, expensive power tools that only serious woodworkers, craftsmen, or dyed-in-the-wool diy’ers will consider investing in. like we mentioned, quality woodworking can’t begin without properly milled lumber, and these tools are the most reliable, foolproof way in which to 4.

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I don’t have a jointer so i can’t say which way is best. i opted for a planer first due to the money issue and space!! i’m just pickier about the wood at the hardwood store since a planer can’t take out bow or twist without shims on mdf.. A jointer is a tool that removes knots and other rough spots from a piece of wood in the same way that a planer does. the main difference between jointer and planer tools is that a jointer will also straighten out the edges and give you the square shape that you need for most projects.. Jointer vs. planer. both the planer and jointer can be used for wood surfacing tasks. the jointer is particularly handy when it comes to smoothing a surface of the lumber. it can also create a flat or squared edge with high accuracy which is why most woodworkers prefer it. on the other hand, the planer provides the woodworker with a smoother.