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woodworking podcast

Woodshop 101 is a woodworking audio podcast geared toward the hobby “weekend” woodworker. it is hosted by jeremy crawford, drew short, & sam raimondi. join the three different craftsman for light-hearted banter about everything woodworking, online education, and how they produce con. A light-hearted look at the world of woodworking! wood talk. marc’s friday live show is available as a podcast. you all seem to vary happy to be doing wood talk on this show. i’ll look forward to hearing from you whenever you feel like getting together for another show.. During this seminar podcast, robby will demonstrate cutting dovetails with the same tools and techniques used by pioneer craftsmen of the 1800s. you’ll find a link to the seminar guide, distributed at this seminar, for sale at the woodsmith podcast store ..

Learn How to Bend Wood at Home | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Learn how to bend wood at home | popular woodworking magazine

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A trickier ruler trick for router planes | popular woodworking magazine

Art Nouveau-style Carved Mirror - FineWoodworking

Art nouveau-style carved mirror – finewoodworking

An interesting podcast from trevor green, detailing his bold exploration of woodworking from his garage workshop. in this podcast trevor features woodworkers of the past, interesting woodworking videos, magazine reviews and interviews with well known woodworkers.. Recently there has been a big increase in the amount of podcasts created by and for makers. my podcast, appropriately called "the darbin orvar podcast" started a few months ago, and there are so many topics we’re excited to talk about – including building but not limited to business, culture, philosophy and everything in between.. Best woodworking podcast!! i’m new to woodworking and have been listening to a variety of woodworking podcasts but this one, by far, has the best mix of great advice and opinions combined with humor!!.