Woodworking Workshop Jakarta

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woodworking workshop jakarta

Latest news. 09/14/2018 doors ready – the optional door package for the evolution cnc machine the evolution models are even more flexible in their use due to the increased opening dimension of 1200 mm in the workpiece height.. What is laser? laser is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. it is an artificial light that can be manipulate to be focused to a particular spot, allowing various useful applications such as laser marking, laser cutting, and laser welding.. Plajer & franz studio | we are berlin based brand architects providing design concepts and architecture for retail environments, department stores, office and hospitality spaces..

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Holz-her usa provides complete solutions for panel processing: cnc machines, edgebanders, horizontal & vertical panel saws, panel storage systems. Holz-her australia provides solutions for panel processing: cnc machines for wood, edgebander, beamsaw, vertical panel saws, panel storage systems. Jl. hayam wuruk no.127 jakarta 11180 mkt: 021-6287889 office : 021-6231 7000 email: info@ltc-glodok.com.